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Let’s talk about Drum. No, not the percussion instrument. We’re tackle makers, not musicians, though we do enjoy karaoke in the warehouse.
There are two species of large drum most anglers target. Red Drum and Black Drum. Red Drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, can be found in the Western Atlantic, from Massachusetts to Florida, and in the Gulf of Mexico. With a distinct eyespot on it’s tail, there are records from the Outer Banks of these fish reaching over 90lbs. Usually, they get up around 75lbs. We’ve heard anglers call them all sorts of names from channel bass to redfish. The other big drum is the Black Drum, Pogonias cromis. Younger black drum tend to enjoy waters near estuaries as the water is usually less salty. Older drum don’t mind higher salinity, but adults can consume 40 oysters a day, so they can usually be found in similar areas. They have been spotted with their tails out of the water, snout down, feeding on oyster beds.
DS Custom Tackle’s Drum Rig is designed with their feeding habits and size in mind. This rig is made up of 8/0 offset circle hook snelled on 60lb line. The rigs use a Fishing Skullz glow bead flanked by our 6mm beads, and a heavy duty barrel swivel for connecting to your mainline. A sinker slider is included for attaching your sinker.

This rig consists of a 8/0 offset circle hook, 60lb monofilament, 75lb barrel swivel and has been thoroughly tested on our testing rig to complete failure as follows: The 60 monofilament failed at 68-72lbs. The 8/0 hook did not open up significantly at the mono’s failure limit. We are extremely confident in this rigs ability to land the big fish. This rig can also be found in our Drum Set and Drum Kit and Down South rig packages.

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