Hose Guard


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There is no other product on the planet like HoseGuard™

Garden Hose Theft Protection for:

  • Marinas
  • RV Parks
  • Construction
  • Residential & More!

 Your Garden Hose Stays Put!

Fits all standard hose bibs and garden hoses.

Made of high quality durable materials for long lasting garden hose theft protection.


HoseGuard™ at Marinas

This amazing new product is the boater’s new must have lifesaver!

Gone are the days when you show up at your slip to find your hose missing. HoseGuard™ is a must have for boaters and marina businesses worldwide.

Lock Your Hose Down for Good!

Your hose is always there when you need it most.

End unnecessary frustration, lost time, and wasted money by locking your hose down at your slip for good. HoseGuard™ is strong, lightweight, and durable.

HoseGuard™ at RV Parks

Meet your new travel companion!

Great for RV parks. HoseGuard™ is a fantastic travel companion offering 100% stress free trips when you reach for your hose that’s alway there.

Peace of Mind While You Relax!

Be the envy of fellow travelers!

Fellow travelers nationwide stand the risk of losing precious vacation time over lost or stolen hoses. Major bummer. But not you! You get to fully relax having complete peace of mind your hose isn’t going anywhere, ever.

HoseGuard™ at Construction Sites

Working for you 24/7!

Let’s face it. Time is money. So why waste time replacing hoses on the job site? It can add up to huge losses annually for some companies- Not just the hose replacement cost but the cost in time loss without it.

Your Hose Walks no More!

Lock it, forget about it!

Lock down your hose onsite with HoseGuard™ and get to it knowing your hose is always there at the ready. Ready to clean tools, mix concrete, water sod, clean your boots, or quench your thirst. Lock it and forget about it.

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