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Kingfish, whiting, sea mullet, whatever you call them, we got you covered. Most anglers encounter one of three species. Menticirrhus saxatilis, the Northern Kingfish that is also called the Northern Kingcroaker. Menticirrhus americanus, the Southern Kingfish. These fish go by many regional names such as Carolina Whiting, Sea Mullet, and Roundhead. Finally, Menticirrhus littoralis, the Gulf Kingfish. Rarely called the Gulf kingcroaker, anglers usually just call them, Whiting.
DS Custom Tackle’s Kingfish Rigs work great for whiting, er, sea mullet, well…kingfish. Yeah. They are a double drop rig using our long shank beak hooks with our toothpick floats.
Fast Fact:
From time to time you’ll hear old salts call them “kingcroaker.” Like croaker, they are part of the drum family. While they lack an air bladder to vocalize like most drum species, they can make sounds by grinding their pharyngeal teeth together.

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